Kansas City

Newsletter Subscriber Rates Will Always Be Offered To Those Who Book Before My Arrival Date In Your City. You Must be Subscribed to my newsletter in order for me to honor the rate in PURPLE. You also must provide my code word to recieve this rate. If you are not subscribed you must pay the full rate. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Please Note: Newsletter Letter Rates do not apply to NEWBIES on the FIRST meeting you must pay the full rate (all locations).

Kansas City Rates

15 Minutes Incall - 1,000 (No Typo)

30 Minutes Incall - 225/400

1Hr Incall - 250/350

90 Minutes Incall - 400/500

2Hr Incall - 500/700

Cocktail Dinner Date (3Hrs) - 750/1,000

(Includes 90min Dinner/ 90 min private time behind closed doors).

4Hr Incall (Minimum of 2hr outdoor activities) - 1000/1350

+150 Grk

**Home Town Rates

(KC Only)

Prebooking is not required to receive these rates but you must be subscribed to my Newsletter to recieve this rate. If you are not subscribed you must pay my full rate!

Other Cities

Montana / Tampa / Iowa / Nebraska / St.Louis / Tennessee / Dakota's / Denver / Ohio / Mississippi / Albuquerque / Atlanta / Arkansas / North Carolina / Pensacola / Oklahoma City / Detroit / Chicago / Birmingham / Indianapolis / Pittsburgh / Springfield / Minneapolis / New Orleans / Bloomington / Texas / Salt Lake City / Portland / New Jersey / Hartford / Seattle / Wisconsin / Idaho

Other City Rates

15 Minutes Incall - 1,000 (No Typo)

30Min Incall - 250/400

1Hr Incall - 300/350

90 Minutes Incall - 450/500

2Hr Incall - 600/700

3Hrs Cocktail Dinner Date (Includes 90min Dinner & 90 min BCD) - 900/1,000

4Hrs (Minimum of 2hrs outdoor activities) - 1100/1350

+150 Grk

California / New York / Boston / Maryland / Las Vegas / Philadelphia / Phoenix / South Florida / Washington, D.C

15 Minutes Incall - 1,500 (No Typo)

30Min Incall - 300/400

1Hr Incall - 350/450

90 Minutes Incall - 550/650

2Hr Incall - 700/900

Cocktail Dinner Date (3Hrs) - 1,050/1,350

Social Outings

Brunch, Lunch or Dinner


(No Playtime)

90min - 300

2 Hours - 400

3 Hours - 500

+200 Each Hr After

KU Home Game Rates

4 Hours - 500 (no playtime)

- I will come dressed in my KU gear rooting for my favorite team, so beware :)

- Game day tickets, Concession, Souvenirs & Etc are to be paid for by the gentleman. This includes dinner before or after the game. If you would like to add playtime please pm me.

Overnight Rates - 3K

Hours of availability: (7pm - 5am)

(8p - 6am) (9pm - 7am)

(10pm - 8am).

- Only available to gentlemen that I have met with before.

- Must go through screening that consist of DL & Employment verification.

- I require at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

- Dinner date must be included in this package at your expense (not included in my overnight rate).

** If you are looking for 8 hours of physical activity my overnight package is not for you. My overnight packages are catered to gentlemen who appreciate the exclusive company and RW feel of a GFE.

Fly me to you

1,500 (4 Hours)

2,000 (6 Hours)

3,500 (12 Hours)

5,000 (24hours)

- Resort, Chauffer, First Class Flight & Accommodations are not included in Fly Me To You packages.

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- While on tour Deposits are now required to hold & secure your meeting time! No deposit = No meeting!- If YOU cancel for any reason (after 12hours of being booked) your deposit will not be returned. - If I cancel your deposit will be returned or credited to your next meeting with me. Your choice- NOTE: If you have a history of being late, known to cancel or have shown signs of being flakey you will be required to pay the FULL FEE upfront before our meeting.

Newsletter Rates

- Newsletter rates are highlighted in Blue in your area. Please be mindful of the Newsletter rates which are explained at the top of this page.- Newsletter Rates will ONLY be honored if you are signed up for my newsletter and you book before I arrive in your city. If you wait until I arrive you must pay full rate. - If you are signed up for my Newsletter and you book a meeting anytime BEFORE I arrive in your city you pay my Newsletter rate. You must provide me with the code word when booking. - If you book a meeting on the day that I am scheduled to arrive in your city or any time during my stay in your city you do not qualify for the Newsletter rate even if you are subscribed. You must pay the regular rate. NO EXCEPTIONS! Newsletter rates are designed to reward those who took the initiative to sign up and book before my scheduled arrival date in a city.

Outfit Requests

- I get several request to be seen in specific outfits that I post pictures in. While I am flattered by the request, you guys seem to not understand that I can't carry around every piece of clothing that I own at all times, no matter how many times I explain why this is impossible lol. - Outfit request are now +50 for all meetings!- Any outfit that you have seen me post a selfie in or from my TWO latest photoshoots are what you can request. You must prebook a week in advance in order to request an outfit. While on tour I travel VERY light. The sooner you book, the better your chances will be to get the request in.- Outfit requests from any outfit that you see me in on my website (Albums) are +100 for all meetings!- If you have no request, then expect me to be in some sexy lingerie & heels during our meeting :)